Though Adobe Director is no longer published as of January 2017, I spent a number of years developing Adobe Director Movies. This page contains a list of behaviors that might be interesting or useful for Lingo enthusiasts. Lingo is a high level scripting language that is very human readable. The code examples below might have useful tidbits for anyone looking for programming examples or general algorithms that can be adapted to other programming languages.

Director Project Screenshots

Absolute Distance

Animate a Sprite Around a Circle

Assign URL Path to Asset

Basic Sprite Rollover

Change Cursor

Change Sprite Size

Check for Mouse Movment

Curve Sprite

Dim Sprite

Director Cursor Codes

Director Key Codes

Display Video Time

Draw Fixed Lines

Draw Grid

Draw Random Circles

Draw Random Dots

Draw Random Lines

Draw Random Ovals

Draw Random Rectangles

Draw Random Rounded Rectangles

Draw Random Rounded Squares

Draw Random Squares

Dynamic Bevel VFX Filter

Dynamic Blur VFX Filter

Dynamic Color Adjust VFX Filter

Dynamic Convolution Matrix VFX Filter

Dynamic Drop Shadow VFX Filter

Dynamic Glow VFX Filter

Dynamic Gradient Bevel VFX Filter

Dynamic Gradient Glow VFX Filter

File IO

Flip Sprite

Flipbook Animation

Get Stage Width and Height

Go to Labeled Frame

Handle Cursor

Handle Keyboard Input

Hold Frame

Hold Frame for FLV MP4 Video

Hold Frame for QT Video

Horizontal Spring Effect

Jump Sprite

Match Sprite

Move Sprite with Keys

Movie Go Handlers

Musical Instrument Behavior

Navigation Menu Behavior

Pulse Sprite

Rock Sprite

Rocking Sprite Effect

Rotating Dial

Show Elapsed Time

Simple Projectile

Skew Sprite

Slideshow Scripts

Sound Playback Toggle

Speak Word or Phrase

Spinning Coin

Spring Sprite to Mouse

Sprite Follow Rectangle

Sprite Image Toggle

Sprite Oscillation

Sprite Overlay

Text Rollover Effect

Toggle Size Image

Vertical Spring Effect

Video Scrub Widget

Wait for Flash

Wait for Net Thing Load

Wait for Sound to Play

X Slider Behavior

X Slider Jump with Click

Y Slider Behavior

Y Slider Jump with Click