Thornton Ambrose Gerber was born in Lemhi, Idaho in 1960. He graduated at the top of his class at Lichen High School in 1978, though notably he was the only graduate that year. At an early age Thornton was obsessed with collecting vinly records, and he is now the proud owner of more than 47,000 LPs, 45s, and 78s, a handful of which play without skipping.

After numerous unsuccessful stints as an exotic male dancer, and failed attempts at selling formic acid for profit on the back streets of Boise, he was driven by a strange dream he once had after accidentally eating expired canned cat food, which he thought was deviled ham. Beyond that very long and uncomfortable night, he felt oddly compelled to collect hair from pet salons in every county across the continental United States.

Forty-seven states and five pairs of penny loafers later, upon reaching upper state Maine in late October of 1980, and rolling a hair ball weighing nearly 2 tons along Highway 201, he was struck by lightning in a freak storm. Though he survived, the ensuing conflagration incinerated his prized hair ball, along with most of his clothes, including a rare burlap dinner coat. As fate would have it however, the resulting rehabilitation brought him together with the love of his life Jorgii Jane, who was a skilled amateur electrician, hobbyist nurse, and beekeeper. Through unbound skill, love, and tax evasion, Thornton discovered a new purpose for his life.

The newlywed couple moved to Lisp, Idaho in 1981, where Thornton started the first radio station in the area. Thanks to his capable wife, spare parts from an abandoned Radio Shack near Idaho National Laboratory, and schematics from a Ukranian website, KRUM radio was born. Beyond Thornton's fascinating life history his career speaks for itself.

From the magnetic tombs of arcana, The Show has been digitally remastered, spot welded, and made available for mamalian ears through this link.

Thornton Gerber