Farmer Well Hung

So what is this peculiar plastic toy? It is obviously from a high quality and surely very expensive farm toy set our son received as a birthday present when he was a toddler. Like many toys depicting humans and animals, the level of detail present in the mold is not exactly anatomically correct (or is it? ). All of the mammalian farm animals in the set, including the included horses, sheep, cows, pigs, and a dog, were naturally devoid of genitalia, and instead had a smoothed-over groin area where said anatomical parts on an actual human or animal could normally be found (of course I looked, who doesn't? ). But a close inspection of the farmer, for faux medical purposes only, reveals an oddly phallic appendage that is presumably present to keep the farmer well seated on his tractor. The equally interesting tractor is not pictured, but it is not much of a mental stretch to imagine how it might work.

I can image someone, probably far away in a factory across the sea, painting these lovely toys day in and day out, probably sick of all manner of plastic parts, no matter how suggestive or alluring. A little dab of black paint here, a dab of red paint there, and our little farmer was ready to be sent off with the rest of the farm toy set to someplace where people would pay too much for plastic toys their children didn't really need, like in the United States of America.

During the whole manufacturing process of this little farm, there had to be someone who thought, "Gee, it does look like the farmer is wearing no pants and has visible genitalia half the size of his arm hanging down below his bent legs. Oh well, it does keep him on the tractor."